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Win Over Your Mind...

Our mind is mischievous. It plays games on us by throwing Cognitive Distortions at our otherwise positive & rational thinking. Those who are strong & can fight these distortions thru logic,emerge winning. Those who succumb, suffer the pangs of worry and fear. Learn to beat your negative thinking. Learn to reign-inthe negative indulgences of your mind. The tricks your mind plays with you could be... - it makes you personalize everything and blame yourself for all failures (self defeatism) - it blocks positivity and over plays only the negative aspects 'bad news' to block you from moving forward - it stops you from compromising equations or sharing your glory...'all yours or nothing !!!' - it makes you jump to generalized conclusions...makes you believe you can read minds and foretell behaviours...creates suspicion - it makes you fall once and makes you believe that you will fall each time you walk...over generalizes - it emotionalises you to block taking hard rational decisions - it makes you give shabby label people's behaviours - it throws up excuses for you to procrastinate action. You thus can't ever win unless you positively reign in your mind. Win your mind and win your world 

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