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Annihilate your over your fear to lose.

Dauntingly strong armies have abandoned battlefields out of sheer fear of failure. Had they waited & fought,sheer strength & numbers would have seen them waiving the Victory flag. But since when has victory been an outcome of strength or numbers ? Often times motivation makes people move in the direction of their purpose. But sometimes, the desire to succeed is so over-whelming that the fear of not attaining the purpose blocks movement in direction of its goal. Half way through the journey, self- doubt takes over self belief .One doubts ones physical capabilities & mental abilities to achieve the goal. Cost of failure blocks planning ahead. Fear of not getting yet another attempt upon failing, makes the person tense &thus abandon whole-hearted efforts. The person first procrastinates & thereafter being repressed doesn't take goal driven steps out of worry. Failure is then a self-fulfilling prophecy. Reframe & redefine 'failure' as a subjective reaction. Do not let your anxiety & fear of failure, terrorise you. Celebrate internally.Dwelve in the opportunity provided by failure. Everyone who tries and fails, wins. Everyone who fails and doesn't try, is a loser. You have to be a Winner !!! 

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