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Influencing Emotional Contagion...

We have a unique ability to predict moods of the people we are connected with. Naturally so. We have a recorded data of their past behaviours & expressions in different situations. Our human system quickly & sub-consciously observes behaviours .Immediately, associates with similar patterns of past behaviours is made. Thus we are able to foretell by pattern association. Unfortunately, emotions of predominant people around us can unconsciously influence our own behaviours &moods. And also of the larger group around. This is called Emotional Contagion and this is the bad news. Like contagious disease. Ability of moods to be influenced by dominant others is the good news. Upon detecting negative mood,one could positively influence the situation. Reverse gear..inversely use the power of emotional contagion for general betterment of all around. This will create a domino effect in the work-group one is associated with. Try it...begin with smiles, greetings and laughter. Share cookies at tea. Make the atmosphere around light, consciously. It is like the 'butterfly effect'. The ripple impact of positive efforts to influence moods may actually trigger larger changes of positivity in the interconnected universe !!! Try it now. 

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