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If you know why you 'Walk To Work' will actually Run !!!

Most people do not invest time to understand - what indeed makes them 'Walk to Work' each day as the Sun rises. No generalisation. Answer through self introspection of that will indeed add energy to what otherwise becomes a 'rot of the routine'. Whoever met in the last 27 days had to invest in answering two basic questions after thinking for 10 minutes (non-spontaneous response ) Question 1 : What makes you 'Walk To Work', each day ? Question 2 : Are you happy doing that ? Interestingly, the following emerged as responses : •a mind-set - every body works when the Sun is up •earning money to fulfill life purpose •earning money for advancement of family •a sense of social recognition &approval •a sense of self achievement •contributing to org purpose,building Church •something to feel occupied all day long •guilt of wasting time at home •avoid home conflicts & situations •specific loyalty to organisation •desire for continued association with organtn •socialising with fraternity •keep updated with skills to avoid rotting Know & Win !!! 

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