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A Wise King listens to the Voice of Dissent...

Bestowed with Power thru the throne, the wisdom of a great King is measured by the governance he provides thru least use of Power. Mindless assent to his ideas - at times out of fear of losing his bounties, does him no good. Actually, it misleads him on the wrong path. A wise King therefore listens to the Voice of Dissent. By opening channels of response to his ideas - positive & negative, he establishes his greatness. There is suffecient neurological evidence that indicates...human beings are wired to protect themselves (safety) & need recognition by inclusion (social acceptability). Criticism disrurbs this wiring. Listening to opposing ideas, he becomes vulnerable. Safety concerns get triggered.Worries of losing social recognition & inclusion, get set-off . People generally thus shut-off from listening to criticism. Best way out to become a Wise King (read Corporate Leader) is .. 1. To Carefully listen to the diatribe 2. Seperate the facts, from the views & opinions 3. Impersonalise the individual and his history from his views 4. Analyze the the purpose to guide or is the purpose to mislead King from the goal. 5. If larger pourpose is getting achieved, change the decision & honour bravery of the action to dissent.

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