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Diminishing Behavioural Integrity...the uni-directional 'Ratchet Effect'

Credibility is the ultimate mark of leadership. If a leader loses credibility with his team, better he should immediately move on and not force-fit his leadership on that team. A reputation of being trustworthy is the greatest strength of a leader & that is the only operating currency in a team..if trust is revoked, don't argue and rationalise the leadership narrative. Change the leader ! Running away with someone elses work-credits, not acknowleding contributions of the others, blaming team in adversity & crisis, not following norms, policies and practices which he proclaims for others to follow...such behaviours diminish a leader's credibility in perpetuity. The American positive psychologist Simons refers to this as 'Diminishing Behavioural Integrity'. Each successive time your credibility is destroyed, your behavioural integrity as perceived by others, further slides downwards. This is irreversible like the sharp, angle-toothed 'Ratchet' which allows it to turn only in one direction. The King can't wear darned robes or fake diamonds ! You got to align your thoughts and spirit with your words...your words with your deeds. That is the only way to lead...the only way to Win ! 

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