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In a State of Absolute Immersion...

Enjoyment appears at the boundary between Boredom and Anxiety. A person starts to enjoy a situation when the 'Challenges' that he has to face is just about balanced with his 'Capacity to Act'....says Mihaly, the Hungarian psychologist who mastered the concept of FLOW. It is a state of 'harmonious passion' that immerses you in the flow of the task. When a person is absolutely engaged in the work he is doing, he gets self-engrossed. He loses his sense of time, reference to place and his other commitments. In this state of harmonious passion - high quality creative work is created by the person who gets into the maniacal 'flow' of things ! In this state of FLOW, one reaches a state of inner high. Matters little if the task completed is monetarily rewarding or socially awarding. In contrast to this work done out of 'harmonious passion' is work done in 'obsessive passion', a state where fear is the factor for doing the task. To reach this state of harmonious passion, the task should primarily be engrossing. It should stretch ones capacity but also not so much that it goes beyond ones imaginable capacity to achieve it. Identifying this sweet spot of passionate obsession is the best motivator a leader can use. 

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