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Catch the 'Flow' and Glow as You Grow With Your Strengths...

I have always been a student of positive psychology...thus my belief in Strength Finders and Appreciative Coaching always finds precedence over its other country cousin prescriptions & models whilst coaching for results. When one operates from domains of ones strengths, one feels authentic, excited, energised and voluntarily seeking marks to to the destination milestones. It drives you so positively that you commit to self progress, voluntarily build your capabilities, sign-up for courses and invest in buying upgraded critical tools. That excites you. Even a one bar better performance makes them strive and put in hours of ardous practice. It drives them. Makes them want to know more about what the others are doing so that they mark-to-market. Thus they constantly seek feed-back wherever they can get it from for their desire to reach their destination precedes their strive. They experience the 'flow' and thus they glow as they grow ! 

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