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We are victims of the invisible scripts we write

We are victims of the invisible scripts we write in our minds for they pave the path on which our actual tranactional relationships walk ! The subconscious mind writes its own situational scripts. It believes things without seeing, listens to things without hearing and writes its script at times, without application and thinking. It emulsifies this concoction and positions it as a script, in response to mentally pre-fixed situations. 'Scripts' are enemies of conversations for such predetermined expressions put us into a mental auto-pilot. We carry it in our heads. Reality unfortunately is that we also know the counter script that would get triggered off in response. See the doodle. It explains the sheer exasperation to scriptted reactions. Would crucial conversation now be possible ? Despite that when you enter familiar circumstances, the pre-written script starts tumbling out as if on an auto pilot and the rest is history. It comes out robotically as if the pre-ordained natural out-come of triggered behaviours was waiting endlessly at the 'amber' signal and just got its 'green' signal now ! Wisdom realises the need to use the balance. But generally for crucial conversations it avoid scripts ! 

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