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Success has a failing downside

Successful people always feel that there is more to them than what they have already achieved. They feel an invisible force constraining and holding them back. Having tasted glory, however they want more of it. They want to jump & succeed but that is where the trouble actually commences ! Being already successful, there is always more at stake for them than it was before. The fear of 'choosing poorly and losing badly' lurks in their minds. The clarity and aspirations once their hallmark made them seize opportunities now seems risky. The brave-heart now hedges bets in favour of practicality & safety. They choose options which are 'satisficing' thus triggering their downfall. In 1950, Herbert Simon coined a term 'Satisficing' to explain the essence of similar behavior that combines two terms..'satisfaction' with 'sufficing'. It effectively means - selecting an option that is practical & suffecient to meet enough of ones ongoing current expectations. Practical hedging and safe betting makes successful people bet on 'satisficing options'. This clogs and suffocates the potential. Their potential remains now remains sunk deep in the mines. Successful people tend to suffer this behavioural syndrome more out of fear of losing what they may have already gained or inherited as their legacy. You can't dull your edge, you can't stop swimming in unchartered waters, you cannot take 'satisficing' options. Don't blame the government policies , country's investment climate or factors like demonitisation or GST etc. Let the inner you jump out and be fulfilled. Thats what made you succeed in the past. Now don't dim your spark. 

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