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Code of Christmas

Each year on Christmas day, children of the world anxiously await their annual Christmas gift...everything they yearned for through out the year and their parents for reasons, denied it. That toy gun, that tank, that Barbie doll...

They would write letters to Santa Claus expressing their deep desires. They would never write such loving letters even to their grand parents. The parents in return, would add mystery to this myth of Christmas. They would secretly buy the same gifts they had earlier denied, wrap them up in attractive wrappers (unseen by their children) and leave these gifts, whilst their children slept thru, below the family Christmas tree....all in the name of Santa, the jolly 'ho-ho' Christmas delivery man !!!

Joy on their charming faces of their children was the best Christmas gift the parents ever sought for themselves. And this mystery continues in perpetuity ...generation after generation of children knowing all along that the secret Santa was none other than their father in disguise pretending to be that old 'hoho' guy but in return pretending surprise to perpetuate the myth. They certainly recognised Santa's peculiar walking gait having seen it each day of their life at home !!!

These children in return grow to be parents someday and whilst doing so perpetuate the generous Christmas father's myth for the joy of bringing smile on the angelic faces back at home.

The Secret Unspoken 'Code of Christmas' thus continue. Parents insisting on Santa having come home through some imaginary chimneys and pathways whilst the children were sleeping on the night before Christmas. And the children with impish twinkle pretending they had actually heard the 'hoho' man whilst they were sleeping.

Some happy pretentions like this one are good...perpetuating such pleasant myths that add further to the positive spirit of harmony and happiness of the family.

Long leave these pleasant customs, traditions and practices that perpetuate family bonding and spread positive spirit.

Extend this tradition at your work place and you will realise that the little boy or girl hidden within that professional who works for you in your team , impishly still yearns for the Secret Santa. Spread joy, be the doting giver.

May all of us live in exciting new times ahead. Merry christmas to buy that doll for you bundle of joy at home. That little 'ho ho' spreads magical joy !

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