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Power and the Chair

Power eminates from the throne but is sustained from the heart... Till you have the chair, you have the power. And that is true. But if the wearer of the crown does not eminate love whilst he is in power, he better realise that it is a disaster in the waiting for such a crown to bite the dust. Just a matter of time,wait & watch. Power when it stings through its fangs, completely maddens wearer of the Crown. Releases huge doses of intoxicating invincibility, maniacal self-belief & a desire to control outcomes through arrogance. Game of Thrones may help for a while but only a concoction of wisdom, belief in fallability & authentic people care acts as the real antidote. Penury of love & true adoration soon distances the Crown from the Throne..a disaster waiting to happen. Only those who manage with love & care when in position of Power,earn true adoration of the people they lead. Narratives which indicate that People only salute power & respect only those who wear the crown, are not true. Such are experiences of unworthy people who occupied thrones for a while. They did not rule with their hearts. The Power sting was too strong , anti-dotes missing. Arrogant power bearers should not seek self-pity. Adored leaders continue ruling despite crowns. 

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