• Adil Malia

Aim ahead of the target

Aiming ahead of the Target...make haste, slowly ! That differentiates a Winner from a Whiner . The markets are uncertain..the behaviours unpredictable. But nowhere does this imply lack of preparedness. Nor can being unprepared be justified. If the nature of the beast has changed, it calls for a different type of readiness. No longer can you start aiming when the Target appears. Prepare ahead. Permutations & Combinations along with your past experiences and logical imagination should help you to guess the likely spots which could arise as targets. Image your target there. Mentally prepare by aiming at those likely targets. That level of readiness could make you the winner even if the actual target when it appears is not exactly at the spot you had imagined. You have to be fast and thus not planned, is the wrong answer. Be a winner. Plan for haste, slowly ! 

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