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'SAMANVAY' - blend for a better end !

All organisations at the heart of their transformation journeys are dealing with the 'long established' state versus the 'desirable future' state. The real quintessence of this conflicting issue is  -    'The Old v. The New'.  This is an organisational reality. Both have to co-exist and cannot find solutions to the exclusion of the other !  The new cannot wish the old away. The old cannot ignore the new away. It is only through maturity and wisdom and not through destructive maneuvers in the conflict that a positive way emerges.  The Sanskrit word 'Samanvay' explains the essence of this confluence the best. Came across this very lively and lovely musical video, which narrates this reality - musically. The old and the new music is beautifully blended...the rythm, the pace, the tone, of both the new and the old melodies are suitably modified such that they do not lose their identity and emotional connect. Yet they beautifully blend into a common harmony. Lessons for all of us...the new has never to be imposed. The old has never to be dumped or busticated. A harmonious blended way forward has to be evolved which will bring joy to all whilst fulfilling its ultimate purpose  of bringing happiness.   Blend for a better end !

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