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We get face to face with the ontologically arrogant people day in and day out.  Ontology is that  branch of philosophy that asks the question...'what actually exists'). To this question, our 'know-it-all' arrogant friend says that nothing other than what he sees or hears, exist !. He does not distinguish his personal opinions from the truth and the objective reality. What he has experienced is the ultimate and the only reality. There is no other thought other than his pontification. Diversity of thinking with him thus is a far cry. Everybody surrenders...evidence doesn't matter.  The changing world is a diverse world of opinions and we have to learn to create value from this diversity of thinking. But the Ontological Arrogant Manager (and each one of us knows atleast one such Manager) uses power and authority to impose. Says Kofman in 'Conscious Business' that when unconditional blame, essential selfishness and ontological arrogance become the toxic infrastructure of an organisation, they lead to 3 types of perverse interactions :  - manipulative communications - narcissistic. negotiations and - negligent coordination. By the way, it is not necessary that only someone else has to be behaving like that. Hope after reading this piece, your team members do not giggle and say that they have now atlast found a label that defines YOU 😎😎😎🤗 !!! 

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