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Neuro-talent Mapping

The neurological patterns that your brain follows whilst learning or going through unique experiences can now be mapped. No longer does one have to do an observation based judgement of  the knowledge of the others. You can systematically map the patterns to know the responses. My poor mother lamented all through my school days that she never really understood what was going on in my brain. No mothers do. But the Gen next mothers will no longer now have to go through such a plight !!! Based on Dr. Raymond Damadian's research , advances in neuro psychological research has given the world 3 new learnings and thus new insights ... ~ the plasticine brain (the brain never stops growing unlike the  earlier belief) ~ parallel prevalence of a social brain ( a brain that can be socially hurt as  physically pained) ~ brain's constant search for prizes & threats in every transaction. With these 3 learnings and with advancements in human sciences and capabilities to map neurological patterns, organisations can manage their Talent more effectively. No cookie-cutters. Cookie-cutter programs for talent acquisition, motivation, leadership, development, culture and potential development have never worked. And we all through wondered why. We now know that each individual has a different neurological pattern of reaction to the same situation. Cookie-cutter offerings therefore failed. In the changing world, HR plans have to be unique & individualised neuro-maps. And only that will give results. Talent Management will have now to get more evidence based and thus more effective. Plan your organisation's future strategy and People Programs to match the changing challenges of times. 

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