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Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational is linked to the higher inner spirit 'Centeredness' is the Port on which the Ship of Inspirational leadership is harboured. Every one desires to be an 'Inspirational Leader'. Most of them confuse the concept and thus believe that they already are Inspirational leaders, whilst in reality they may only be effective leaders. Unfortunately, not many know the difference and thus mix-up 'Effective Leadership' with 'Inspirational Leadership'. Fact is that the two are distinct & different.  Inspirational leadership is a stage more fulfilled and higher than effective leadership. Effective leaders give heroic performances and manage the supply chain of motivation to the team. This in return aligns & fosters the right group behaviours that it has to inculcate and adopt correct Management processes to acheive the desired team results. But to sustain leadership over a long period of time, an effective leader will have to scale-up and become an Inspirational Leader. Over time otherwise, his ability to influence will wane and cracks will be observed in the eddifice. Most effective leaders beyond a point , whilst continuing, fail. Leadership evidencesvin Sports, Political parties, Companies etc have clearly indicated this pattern. An Inspirational leader does not require to keep using Motivation ... because once Inspired, motivation loses its otherwise criticality and impact in the delivery game. Whilst there is no archetype of an Inspirational leader, 'Centeredness'  is the fundamental bedrock on which the edifice of Inspirational leadership is built.  'Centeredness' is a state of greater mindfulness. It is achieved by engaging all parts of the mind to be fully present.  Baine Studies on this theme has show that when dissected, inspirational leaders are 'Centered' in four domains of their observable traits... 1. Setting the right tone and aligning the  World-view 2. A Leading style that reflects Positive  Psychology  3. Maximised use of Inner Resources  and energies 4.  Building intense bonding through  Positive Relationships  JRD Tata, Gandhiji, Azim Premji epitomise this style of Inspirational leadership. But thats not where it ends. They did not begin their careers being Inspirational Leaders. There are many everywhere around. Each one of us has potential to be Inspirational Leaders. Let us understand the need, draw on our potential traits and exhibit Inspirational Leadership. 

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