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My Stylish-Grey

Moved on with my stylish-grey ! I started greying rather early in my life...maybe, genetically I inherited my DNA from my father who greyed fully, albeit no so fast. Maybe my mindless focus on building my career or maniacal work schedules resulted in premature greying. At 58, I fully greyed..and add my goatee, I 'double greyed' ! Whilst I wondered, I never really bothered about how that looked. Kept joking with friends at work and neices at home when they would joke and I would say in repartee that each time I saw my 'stylish grey' in the mirrors, I realised what a waste of money hair-dyes were. But finally when last week, I accidentally met one of my college girl-friends with her daughter, momentarily I was upset. Not because I met her but by her daughter who asked her in my presence, if I was her Professor.....?🤨. This got my goat and I went to the best , most stylish chain of saloons in town which was started by my one time student of Management. I asked him, Sameer, what do you have for grey hair ? He lovingly looked up to me and said...." a lot of true respect ! ". Sheepishly, I said that I was passing by and wanted to say 'hi' to him. We both knew that was not true but we both pretended that was so. I moved-on with my stylish grey ! 

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