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A Quick Talent Primer

From the universe of the people working in your Organisation, 'Talent' is the cutting-edge sub-section of that universe which adds much higher output and contributes to exponentially higher value, given the same conditions, resources, culture and eco-system. Its performance being super, chances of being considered for higher positions is very high. Thus 'talent' is always in high demand and thus its market vulnerability is very high. 3 things that Talent expects.. a. A +ve Work Place Environment b. Alignment & Connection with Enterprise Purpose, Strategy, Progress, Challenges c. Authentic Engagement with Value Creating Enterprise processes Given a differentiated appreciation, a strategic leadership growth map and backed by a value creating retention program, talent can be effectively retained. Talent retention is an investment and not a cost considering the differentiated value it can create and the leadership it can provide to the rest of the organisation. The first most important investment a Co should make is in getting a 'talented' Talent Advisor. Your corporate brand value enhances directly in proportion to the cutting edge talent associated with your brand. May you live in exciting Talent-times ! 

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