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Corporate Bully.

Corporate Bully... Each one of us have first hand experiences  of our brushes with corporate bullies...the guys (and also the gals), who throw their weight around to get the things they want. Their floor-breaking walk .. vibrations heralding their arrival ... power dressed... constant name dropping ... their making you believe that they meet the 'Big Guy' every breathing moment of time in office ... their subtle scaring you to believe that they can leave impressions about you with the 'Big Guy'... The expectations ofcourse is that they need to be given the Princely call !!! All information needs to be first passed on to them for filteration ... their concurrence on all issues is critical ... that they can hijack plans or subvert programs and hijack resources. Please them ' OR else ... ' Generally no one wants to take-on the Corporate bully head on although no one loves them either. They become stronger by each connivance just like a thousand strong village scared by a thug ! You will have to be brave. The bully thrives on connivance. If you are in the right, why worry. If necessary, confront the bully ... generally they scamper away.  Seek time with the source of the bully's source of power - The 'Big- Guy' and explain to him the collective plight of the people. Organisation bullyism hampers progress. Do not succumb. Fight back. You will feel better and you will once and for all settle the superfiscial power in the collective good of all. See this video ... thats the best way to handle a corporate bully 

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