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Emotional Maturity & Centeredness...a leader's 'Go To' success

Emotional Maturity

Contemporary workplace is full of pressures, tension and stress.

Look at the boss (blue top red-skirt )in the doodle...she has complaining clients to handle, disgruntled employees seeking immediate attention, a critical Investor Relations' review waiting for her briefing, an angry Manager's call in the waiting seeking explanation for declining sales whilst auditors are doing forensic investigations and a secretary pushing a box full of files with critical pending issues to read and comment on....huh !

You couldn't ask for more. But given such a state of work reality filled with hyper preassure, tension and stress on her time, focus and attention, the only way for the Leader to thrive in this maze is by being calm and reflecting a very high degree of Emotional Maturity.

Emotional Maturity...that cultivated personal ability of a leader which enables her to control emotions and go beyond to handle situations of tension and stress with calmness & equanimity expected of an adult. 'Cool as a Cucumber'...that's the label an Emotionally Mature leader earns for herself.

Short-fused temper tantrums accompanied by bouts of unexplained aggressive responses, shouting and invariably not listening to what is spoken, are the natural reactions of an emotionally under prepared leader. Eventually that behaviour leads to a state of absolute (though passive) rejection of the leader by his team & consequential acute depression for the leader upon realisation of the same.

Whilst the outer surface may indicate most corporate leaders to be firm and in-charge, a lot of these corporate leaders are pre-assured by a hyper competitive situation, defending their otherwise rocking seats and positions. Thus a large proportion of Corporate leaders suffer from undeclared psychological disorders and depression.

If the organisations internal mechanisms do not read these early warning signals, they are sitting on a clicking time-bomb of disaster. Culture, motivation, morale , aggression and ability to retain talent in such organisations becomes the first victim. Required therefore are professionally qualified and mature HR leaders supported by consulting psychotherapists who can Coach coping skills to the otherwise business successful but emotionally under-prepared leaders.

Helping an Emotionally under-prepared leader to move from their ' Insecurities and Self-Centeredness' to a state of 'Emotional Stability & Centeredness' is the key to the path of what we call in Coaching - the Coaching Recovery.

Whilst everybody talks about dynamic, undefined and volatile markets, the need for emotional maturity in leadership gets acutely highlighted in leadership traits in under such preassure.

Corporate Boards need to assume their accountability for "Leadership Centeredness' and appreciate this as a critical risk to the survival and success of the enterprise.

Emotional immaturity in leadership is a crisis. Centeredness is the virtue on which leadership thrives in uncertain and dynamic market conditions.

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