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Product positioning

Unless you understand The TOTAL Product well .... you cannot Position the Product in the Market well... This Marketing Primer is part of my larger Coaching Session (Marketing)for the Young Entrpreneurs. It might just interest you... Your ability to position your product best for effective marketing is directly an outcome of your ability to exhibit its distinctions & differentiators to the customers from that of the competition. Such positioning could be on the basis of price, quality, status, features, safety, reliability, longitivity, service, unique features etc. However, you would be able to do position the differentiators effectively only if you have absorbed the Concept of 'TOTAL Product' as explained in the doodle above. You as a seller may adopt one of the following 4 Positioning Strategies : a. Competitive Positioning: Very similar features to that of competition in terms of price and features. Your add on brand reputation, previous experiences and personalised services offered may help to sell better. b. Value Positioning : delivering good functional qualities and offer best value for the money he would pay c. Quality Positioning : positioning product on the basis of superior quality and reliability. Health is a good feature. d. Demographic Positioning : positioned to appeal choices of local communities, geographies, regional taste preferences etc Rightly says Al Ries, positioning is not what you do to your product. It is what you do to the mind of the prospect. But effective positioning of such prospect is not possible unless you have understood closely followed your customers and his insights and are able to position, package and present the 'Total Product Benefits' to him at all the five above product levels. 

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