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Homo Economicus

Much as we love the emotional argument, Man is a Cold, rational calculator. Adam Smith argues that men choose options that offer them the greatest utility (satisfaction) with the least efforts. It is about level headed evaluation of all the facts and available datum. Aristotle - the Greek philosopher claimed that innate self-interest is the primary economic motivator. The 'Economic Man' logic works on an assumption that as individuals we are self-interested. We aim to improve our personal well being by consuming goods and services and achieving our goals.  For this to happen, men make decisions by collecting information and calculating which actions will achieve their aims without having to pay a high cost. Whilst emotional egagements are influential, the 'homo economicus' is a cold rational calculator. Men's behaviour even in the labour (read talent) market is not much different. It is largely influenced by his desire to maximise his benefits at the lowest exertion of cost. Trick lies is our ability to make 'talent' value the 'psychogenesic' hidden benefits that he experiences but does not tend to calculate, whilst economically evaluating his options 

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