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Addressing a session on Inspired leadership

ESSL - the school where I learnt Coaching !!! Having Coached some of the finest C-suite professionals from the Industry during 3-1/2 decades of my professional career (... and I can easily count upto 28), I still keep getting asked if I am a 'certified' Coach from one or the other popular & branded schools from where Coaches get their international certifications. Ofcourse, by the way, they also want to know the name of my Coaching style ??? .... ESSL , I tell them. And as if in great acknowledgment and recognition, they nod upon being told ... How I laugh sheepishly much later ... ESSL to me stands for the 'Evolved School of Self Learning'. This school taught me to learn Coaching thru my own serious observations, deep introspections & self-reflections, studious analysis of patterns of leadership behaviours & styles over decades and serious application through time tested non-orthodox 'Appreciative' methods of influencing and inspiring behaviors. Results I can show ... but I still do not know the Clinical name of the school and the style... forgive me, I am ESSL self certified . Wonder if you would still like to be coached by me ??? Vins, congratulation on your ICFAI certification as a Coach !!! 

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