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6 Brands of the Problematic Boss

😎The Absentee Boss

😎The Solar Boss

😎The Terrorist Boss

😎The Fence-Sitter Boss

😎The Gypsy Boss

😎The Hijacking boss

The Absentee Boss : has so many reportees that he barely has time for you. At times, forget meetings, he won't have time even to respond to yr Whatsapp messages. You have to be ready all the times, with all the issues and all the answers. Whenever he has some cavaty of time , he will call you and expect you to know all answers to his questions, without any time for preparation.

The Solar Boss : believes he is the Sun and thus the entire Solar System rotates around him. Anything that's not to do with him is strange agenda and unwanted. Every action should only serve his purpose and be in line with his agenda and glory ! It is only about him. Your birth is to serve him. Your employment is only incidental to that divine purpose.

The Terrorist : He uses only fatal fear for action. Do not fulfil his desirable action and he will use all tactics and ways to liquidate you. There is no communication or messaging. You have to learn to read his lips. His henchmen bullies in the department will interpret your alignment with the chief. Unknown place, unknown time, you will be blasted.

The 'fence-sitter' boss : He has no views on the issues you raise, which require his professional stance, thoughts or decision. He does not take a stance. You get frustrated and take a decision without further waiting. That's when he marks his attendance. If your decision goes right, he will move in that direction to show that was his view. If your decision goes wrong, of course, you are at fault and thus the fall-guy for not waiting for his decision.

The Gypsy Boss is literally a visitor. A globe trotter, there is considerable time between his two consecutive meetings with you. When he meets you, he wants to know a lot and dumps like hell. Doesn't come back soon again or responds. Does not make himself available for subsequent consultations. Then comes and faintly recalls what he had instructed the last time. And then dumps you with more revoir and hasta maniana until he meets again. Leaves you with a nomadic feeling.

The Hijacker Boss : Variant of the 'Solar' boss, he Hijacks all critical agenda of the team which has to put that on a slow burner and focus on whatever, however insignificant a task he may want you to do. Nature of work is not the priority. He is. For the Solar Boss , there are no other agendas than his. For the Hijacker, there are other agendas,but his is the one on priority.

Unfortunately, mention 'Problem Boss' and 99 on 100 look around. Has to be someone else . Often times, so much are they out of touch with the reality that they miss the thought that maybe your team members may find you to be a Problem Boss !

Problem bosses can be tackled. Someday will tell you how, if someone wants to know.

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