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Evolving Emotional Mastery

The heart has reasons that reason knows nothing about says Pascal. And how true. Sit on a high Corporate hot seat to deliver results and sooner than later, you will realise this the best.

The higher the rank, the more interpersonal success contributes to its success. More and more now of the senior corporate leadership time goes in solving human problems but unfortunately, less and less in most cases is their knowledge of handling human emotions, psychology and behaviours.

A leader at the top to succeed, needs to be 'centred'. Suggests Fred Koffman that like a car needs its wheels balanced and aligned to move quickly and swiftly, a leader needs his emotions balanced and aligned to be able to provide effective directions and leadership to his team.

Whether a car or a person, faster the periphery rotates, the more still the centre must be, otherwise the vibrations would destroy the machine. Likewise as in this analogy, need for perfect 'centredness' is effectively seen in operations in leadership behaviours...the higher you go, the more focus shifts from technical competencies to networking relationships and other social competencies. Thus behavioural centredness becomes critical.

Emotional incompetence and social deficiencies become major leadership handicaps if not identified early in a professional's career and supported to overcome by structured and wise Coaching.

And may we as leaders live in a state of excitement, motivating our teams to live up to their emotional centeredness performing their best.

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