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Happiness whilst Creating Value

Happiness whilst Creating Value... If the purpose of business is to Create 'Value' thru People AND if the purpose of People is to experience 'Happiness' for fulfillment of which they engage with business, you, the leader have to get the twain to meet ! Unless people experience happiness, they will not put in their discretionary efforts to create value. However, happiness does not mean plastering unauthentic smile on ones face.Happiness also does not mean absence of suffering. Happiness actually means contentment, well being &the emotional flexibility to experience a full range of emotions. It is about ability to handle work stressors effeciently through resilience. The greatest misconception says Shawn Anchor is the fact that happiness is an end by itself & not a means ! It is actually the 'journey to happiness' that provides the experience that one seeks at the work-place. Happiness otherwise is only a label that expresses the experience as the end emotion of that journey. As an effective leader therefore you need to understand yr people better. Determine what makes them happy and thereafter regularly create, engage & indulge them in those happy experiences as they lead a more fulfilling life, creating discretionary value for the enterprise .  

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