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Conflict Resolution

One predominant 'Conflict Resolution' style could actually pose a problem Even Top edge managers are unaware that they unconsciously have a 'patent' Conflict Resolution style. Different conflicts however require different handling. Go through a structured assessment or psychometric testing like MBTI or Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. Or plain vanilla, take feedback from critical colleagues you value. It is somehow important that you determine yr CR style. You could also look deep within & self-converse. Search for patterns from the past conflicts you managed. The trends may lead to identify yr predominant CR style. There is no all situations - one best style. Depending on the subject, power equations & culture, you have to select the most contextually suitable option from the 5 styles : 👨Caretaking 👩Catapulting 👴Compromising 🧓Collaborating 👵Competing Unfortunately, one's naturally preferred style takes over. Though maybe unsuitable at times, this becomes the style in which all conflicts are attempted to be resolved.Thus it may fail & complicate. Know yr style for thence you will be able to understand psyche of the chief protagonist of the 'Conflict Resolution' drama - YOU. Thats Step 1. More about Conflict Mgt in following posts. 

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