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Emotional Leakage

Emotional Fragility is supressed Emotional Agility. This leads to Emotional Leakage. Misguided nurturing psychology. Parents & teachers untrained in psychology sometimes, tend to unknowingly teach children to supress emotions. They teach them to remain silent even when angry. Initially in the name of respect & subsequently as part of grooming, we are taught to adopt tact & diplomacy whilst dealing with conflicting, frustrating and angry situations. Positive psychology sees such as 'supressive' nurturing. 'Emotional Agility' is critical. Suppression damages the personality .. leads to bad results & also to psychosomatic ailments like weak memory, relationship mal-adjustments, cardiological and dermatological ailments. Don't hold back . When you hold-back feelings, you feel bottled up & suffocated. 'Emotional Leakage' is a natural outcome of suppressive psychology. Unexpressed anger &, frustration suffocates & finds its displacement generally on roads (thru road rage) or at home in the form of Domestic Violence. Don't be aggressive. But assertively do communicate or suppression will find to unintended outlets thru expressions, sarcasm constant cursing. Emotional fragility is an outcome of suppressed emotional agility. Be respectful but assertively communicate & express yourself. 

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