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Pursuit of Happiness

We live in a world of self-defeating contradictions ... Are we really designed to achieve 'happiness' we seek ??

If you are in pursuit of happiness, begin with its correct definition. You cannot define pursuit of happiness as being fulfillment of all of ones desires. Then you will naturally remain unhappy. Unless there is evolved temperance whilst defining goals, you will remain unhappy.

Look at the contradictions built into the Corporate reality. COs knowingly set lofty unrealistic targets in pursuance of the goals. That makes the CEO look good.

To back-up this exaggeration, the CEO dangles all kinds of attractive 'hard to resist' rewards to drive his people efforts to an unnatural high. Certainly, such an organisation does not seem to be architected for happiness.

Conflicts, struggle, wasted efforts, jealousy, unhealthy competition, contradictions, frustrations are all unintended consequences of a super competitive organisation design. Unmindfully, the triggers of negative psychology are without much ado, in-built into the very design of competitive organisations & unhealthy business process.

Having designed so, they suddenly wish to embark on a spiritual journey to 'happiness'. This is self-defeating.

Happiness begins with :

👉wisdom, realisation & temperance at goal setting levels ...

👉it's practical & empathetic execution ..

👉the framework of it's eco-system designed on principles of Positive Psychology to celebrate, cope, build capability, care, coach and counsel it's people.

👉importantly, alignment with all its stake-holders to 'happiness' being the ultimate common purpose

Ask any architect and he will tell you. Design of a structure is influenced largely by the purpose of its end use. When you design a chapel it needs high ceilings, altar, sobriety in ambience and more meditation rooms. A competitive office has Board rooms, conference rooms, business centres, fast food joint and a grand reception area which is the opening statement of the Enterprise.

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