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Think Wait Fast

'Siddhartha' When volatile market conditions acutely stresses leadership &the wise engage in determining competencies for success, l offer a different take. Siddhartha The protagonist of Hermann Hesse, a monk with no means, falls in love with the courtesan - Kamala. On being approached she asks - what do you have ? Much later he approaches a merchant seeking a barter for his knowledge.He asks him likewise - what can you give that you have learnt? To both Siddhartha replies - "I can think, I can wait, I can fast". He explains the great value his 3 competencies bring.In the climax, despite adversities, he acquires everything that he wants Dislodge from the story. The 3 competencies that made the monk succeed, does it have lessons in acute leadership times? Professionally, I think so 'I can think' indicates analysis, research, seasoned judgment,visionary thinking,shaping strategy & wider perspective 'I can wait' virtualises patience,sacrifising short-term for long term value, conserving instead of squandering, not getting flustered at failures 'I can fast' illustrates self-management, withstanding without collapsing, drawing on inner strengths & developing high tolerance to pain Times may be acute, prescription still the same - think, wait & fast 

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