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Feeling Jaded

Dark is not the personified opposite of Bright. Being 'jaded' is. The worst in the life of a professional is the setting-in of a feeling of being jaded towards the purpose. At any age. To be jaded is to be faded. Dulled, lagging in energy & enthusiasm.The dissipitated feeling of being satiated leads to over indulgence in recalling past successes for everything but feeling fatigued & exhausted thus avoiding new action. When one interview's veteran talent for placement in similar new roles, this is possibly one thing to be mindful of. Past successes may be awesome but is the talent re-energised anew or is it jaded for the ardous new journey ?  To be jaded is the same as being professionally dead. It is a state when nothing new impresses you because you feel like you have seen it & done it all before. You dismiss new experiences with dark glasses on and view the world through the thick opaque curtains drawn on the windows. You don't let light get in. No new rhapsody.  Everything new is unimpressive. You think that it is all just a rehash of what you already know. It makes people cynic and that is worst. Better be a sceptic than a cynic - a cynic knows price of everything but the value of nothing !!! And by the way, age has nothing to do with jaded feelings. Some jaded and faded forties need to retire right away. Some 70s , I certainly know, could go on another 15 for sure !!! Re-energise yourself with enthusiasm. Be forever in search of new sequences. Avoid naming your previous Co often...Avoid talking about past experiences unless necessary. Only old soldiers do that. Search for new dots and colours even in old patterns and fuse yourself with the elexir of life called 'chutzpah'. 

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