• Adil Malia

Rice Bowl

Chanakya taught Chandragupta different war strategies.Chandragupta was planning an attack with Generals & Chanakya overheard him. He realised that his ace student had missed his teaching. Chandragupta's plan was to attack the Centre of the kingdom & kill the King. The empire would thus fall all at once. Chandragupta that night was having dinner with Chanakya.As the rice bowl came on the table, he told Chandragupta - imagine this bowl was a battlefield & each grain an enemy soldier. Where would you attack? Promptly "in the centre" - the King would be hiding there assimilating information so that should be the epi-centre of attack. Show me how, he asked.Chandragupta promptly pushed his finger in the centre of the bowl but post haste withdrew. Rice was boiling hot in the centre. He burnt his finger. Chandragupta reflected.Everyone knew his favourite strategy. It could this time go wrong. Straight attack was good but the King pretending to be hiding in the Centre, would lie in the waiting with strong soldiers (like boiling heat).The flanks would be cooler.Thus wiser to infiltrate slowly through the edges.The penny dropped Never be predictable.Knowledge is about mastery over tools & tactics but wisdom is knowing which to apply,when & where. 

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