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Never Hurt Sensitivities

Humour provides quick relief but if it hurts people's egos or sensitivities, it has the potential to tumble kingdoms! Humour provides quick relief from the otherwise mundane work place. But user need be cautioned. Never let jokes hurt personal sensitivities or be perceived as rude, insulting, hurting esteem or destroying ego. The root of 'Ramayana' is in one such episode. Manthara was the hunch-backed palace attendant. Rama's fleeting arrow landed on Manthara's back. The arrow tip was loaded with a mud ball & burst open on Manthara. The four boys accompanying Rama broke into laughter. Manthara felt insulted. She walked away brushing the mud off but with a firm seed of everlasting hatred for Rama & a life long mission to seek vengeance. Insulting experiences have potential to get magnified in one's mind. The moment may pass. World forgets & moves on. But the victim remains stuck there plotting vengence for rest of life. Manthara later becomes the maid of Queen Keikeyi . Keikeyi was innocent & loved Rama. But Manthara uses manipulative logic to convince Kekeyi. Finally, she succumbs & demands fulfillment of her 'encashable promises' with King Dasratha. Rest is Ramayana !!! But for this insult, the narrative of the epic would have been different. 

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