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Power of Individual

Never underestimate Power of the Individual in one's desire to foster team spirit of the collective. No individual can thrive without the collective power of the team. However, one cannot be unmindful of spectacular performances of the individuals without which, one will kill the drive, enthusiasm & spirit of the individual to give passionate fire-walk performances. One of the dimensions of positive team spirit is the evolved capability of the team to self identify & recognise spectacular individual performances, without any external interventions. This is an integral part of the team's celebrative processes. Effective teams celebrate wins.They however also recognise winning performances in their loss without which the loss would have been drastic. Team Reward mechanism should not be only team rewards anchored ! I am deeply influenced by thoughts of Sri Aurobindo..."it is wrong to demand that the individual subordinate himself to the collective, because it is by its most advanced individuals that the collective progresses and they can really advance if they are free. The individual is indeed the key of the evolutionary movement." Strange but true. Kill the individual and you will surely kill the team. 

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