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Dubious Advisors

Dubious and devious advisors are dangerous. Such advisors are many degrees deeper in their thinking than the simple. Their advise often times is guided by their own hidden agendas rather than protection of the leader or fulfillment of the larger purpose to which they pretentiously claim passionate commitment. Political history of several Corporates is strewn with narratives of tortuous, cunning, crafty & sly advisers. The foolish endear them. The wise keep safe distance from them. The former lose. The other thrives. Manthara the hunchbacked adviser of Queen Keikeyi in Ramayana had a hidden agenda to get even with Rama in vengeance. She silently develops a devious plan to get even. But she presents it to Keikeyi as if it was an idea to protect herself, her son and her father from Rama. Thus Ramayana ! 

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