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Power Politics for Poor New Peter

Saga of  Power Politics for Poor New Peter..

Peter wanted to be more successful. Peter sweethearted a headhunter and joined a new Co. Peter worked very hard. For the first few weeks, Peter's boss Powerhouse Paul kind of liked him.What Peter unmindful was power politics that he would face.. like so many other unsuspecting Peters & Petricias who too go unprepared. Research reflects that 58% hires in new assignments fail despite being earlier found suitable by a competent panel. The vicious cycle of pulling poor new Peter down will get triggered by Polka, the current power holder. Feeling threatened by fear of potential powerlessness, Polka will reach out to Powerhouse Paul & through old circuit whisper to him that Peter is Stupid, incapable (we made a hiring mistake), does not understand our business space, create doubts on his integrity and finally, is totally out of alignment with our culture (..the one that you ardously nurtured!). Only a wise Paul smells the fish. Only he can act as an effective circuit breaker to balance Peter & Polka. Incompetent Paul will be the nemesis for poor Peter, who will then start sweethearting new head-hunters again !! Be a wise Paul. Be a smart Peter. Avoid being a Polka. And do not be an accidental conduit between Polka & Paul ! 

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