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Accidental Leaders

The Day to Day Accidental Leaders  ... We see Accidental Leaders every day on the breathing tracks not only at our work place but also generally in life. They may plead Corporates, they may lead Departments, they may lead Political parties, Givernment Departments. They may lead Trusts. They are Leaders who have difficulty in getting their Vision , Influence,  Directions & Executing Orders accepted not only by external stake-holders but also their own team members. They are efficient people driven by desire to be popular than by delivery of purpose ... more by avoidance of Conflicts than by its effective resolution. They may be efficient but not competent or effective. Such accidental leaders do not obviously deliver any Value to the organisation they lead but unfortunately they also do not end up becoming popular leaders !!! Leadership is not about being an impressario ! Leaders need to have courage to follow their convictions or they should move on for they end up doing more harm than good. Leadership requires a different character ... courage differentiated from bravado, conviction differentiated from stubborness & resilience differentiated from repeating the same mistakes without learning from it. 

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