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Examination Dream

The 'Examination Dream' I effectively use Dream Analysis as an effective tool for Coaching. Most of us have been visited by one of these 4 variants of the 'Exam Dream' - you prepared but landed on a wrong day at the Centre OR prepared for the wrong subject OR went but just blanked out OR realised that you lost your 'entry card' ! Xms are ineradicable memories of the punishment we suffered as children for misdeeds we committed - memories of which as Freud says, revives in us whenever we anticipate a tough situation or worry for consequences or feel we have been irresponsible about & not prepared. 'Fast-Forward' to a current life challenge with potential for intense anxiety. Sub- consciously mind recalls episodes of similar intense anxiety from the past to boost itself with reassurance. Mind says, like that exam moment feeling anxious is futile. You passed that worrisome examination, didn't you ? My cool Coachee was behaving differently at work around the 2nd week of every month. Shouting, screaming et al. During intense conversations,one day he mentioned his recurrent exam dream. He had to present a detailed review to his father & Board, 2nd week each month. He worried out of fear to impress him. Exam Dream projected his worries. We knew our next steps. We conversed. Never miss an opportunity to understand and analyse your dreams. 

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