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Dharma Wheel

'The Dharma Wheel'  Was on a panel last evening, discussing  the theme - 'Corporate Governance & Inspirational Leadership'. In spurts, the Adrian Cadbury Report, our Indian Corporate journey for Governance, amended  Co Law, Governance Norms etc ... all got intensely discussed.  What we missed out in the dramatic performing verbosity was the classical 'Eightfold Dharma Wheel'... the composite framework based on teachings of Siddhartha Gautama 'Buddha' long back... between c.563 and 483 bce. 'Dharma' here refers to the teachings of Buddha. Give up your ego and lead your life free of suffering. The path of governance thence is simple. And if you can do that, you will certainly become an Inspirational Leader. Contextual Tatva : if you find yourself in a corporate leadership role, go ahead & perform that role with full dedication. But before that give up ego. Only then will you become an Inspirational leader for others. We have experienced in Corporate and Political life that leaders who are 'self-indulgent' or who love 'self-mortification' have short life and non-inspirational 'flash-in-the-pan' recall. Read -  'Why Should Anyone Be Led By You' for contemporary Corporate evidences on this. Governance , corporate or otherwise, needs to follow the eightfold wheel. Each stage of this Dharma Wheel represents the path to Nirvana. It includes : Right Mindfulness Right Action Right Intention Right Livelihood  Right Effort Right Concentration Right Speech Right Understanding  Filter contemporary corporate literature thru this wheel. Remove dilutions. You will soon realise that we have all the frameworks & answers within us though we keep searching beyond. We love climbing apple trees in search of mangoes ! 

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