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Dandkaranya Forests - Ramayana

'Dandkaranya Forests ' - Ramayana Danda was the son of King Ikshvaku of Ayodhya. Relentless misbehaviours led him to be banished from Ayodhya by his father. He sets up his Kingdom - Madhumanta. To do this, he befriends the rakshashs. He lived in his world of ills & indulged in all vices. Sukhracharya was the wise guru of the rakshasas. He motivated the short-tempered Rakshasas by impressing them with his knowledge & not influecing change. Evil King Danda happens to see Araja, the sensious daughter of Sukhracharya. He passionately lusts for her.Unmindful of consequences, he rapes her. Sukhracharya, curses evil Danda & leaves the forest which consequently burns down. Where once stood the glorious kingdom - Madhumanta, now stood a burnt jungle called - 'Dand'akaranya ( jungle of misdeeds and punishments) Lessons for us in the Corporates from this ? 👉 Sukracharya impressed people rather than inspiring change in them. When inspired, people develop. When impressed, they depend on others. Impressing is poor leadership. Influence change 👉 Gratitude helps one to see past. But lust & greed blinds even the obvious consequences 👉 A leader can lead his followers to happiness but also can lead to misery 👉The consequences of a leader's mistake befall everyone. Select right leaders 

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