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Adversity Reaction

Adversity is followed by a positive opportunity to Upgrade.. Adversity is a disguised reality pregnant with opportunity to succeed by upgrading but only for those who show tenacity to rise above & design their unique survival responses. The hatching egg upgrades into a chick .. the caterpillar into a butterfly Adversity challenges the current solutions which tend to miserably fail. It startles & paralyses the response mechanisms which show a tendency to keep repeating old failing responses but with renewed hope ... in exact ANTITHESIS of what is expected - resilience, agility & innovation. Winners capitalize the opportunity to upgrade by drawing upon their internal energy & use their unique strengths like Sage Agastya in Ramayana. 'Agastya' literally means one who could stop even the mountains ! Agastya's ancestors were tortured by the demons. The only way for release was for Agastya to father a son. But Agastya was committed to human celibacy. Adversity strikes. Where does one get a celestial beauty matching wisdom of the wisest sage ? Agastya meditates. Thru 'tapobala', creates a flawless girl child - Lopamudra. The baby is left with the King with a mandate to nurture for one week. Lopamudra grows into a celestial beauty. Agastya returns to marry her & fathers a son. 

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