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  • Adil Malia

Winner's Lull

Clearing the last mile is critical. Often, the cause of failure can easily be ascribed to early decleration of victory in the mind. Anticipating victory is important. But what happens thereafter is critical. Anticipated victory should not in anyways, take away the continued drive or passion to win till the final moment. Investing full energy to the drive sometimes gets compromised once clear winning is in sight. This over confidence induces the 'Winners Lull' which makes a potential winner, lose.😭 Dark horses capitalize on that. When the favourites take winning for granted and divest their energy, knowing this psychology of the favourites, the dark horses stratagise to passionately invest energy and run from behind to win. This maniacal confidence is called the 'Killer Instict' which makes Dark Horses win over the favourites. Success can be achieved by competencies when sustained by winning enthusiasm till the very end. Potential winners throw away their winning positions, when passion wanes and overconfidence makes them fritter their energy away in celebration of anticipated victory. 

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