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3 Qualities of Associates

Three Qualities of Associates Despite working successfully under a leader being identified as a critical success factor,most people seem confused about the behaviours they need to reflect to succeed in the leadership labyrinth. Rama in one of the Ramayana episodes whilst appreciating Laxmana for the beautiful house he constructed for him & Sita, holds him in an affectionate embrace and says that he was... 'Bhavajna Kritajana and Dharmajna' 'Bhavajna' means the one who understands the mind and the mission of his Master without him having to express it each time. 'Kritajana' means one who has learnt & absorbed all that the Master knows & directs people thru that knowledge to fulfill those expectations & Missions. 'Dharmajna' the one who is ever alert to his duties & does not keep expecting to be rewarded each time that he does something for the Master (low maintenance !) Isn't this applicable in the Corporate World even today...replace Master with Leader & you get your answers. Study closely myriads of leaders in the Corporate labyrnth & you will realise that though short-term success may have many other contributory factors, sustained long term success even now reflects these 3 Qualities to a very large extent. 

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