• Adil Malia

Never Procrastinate

A procrastinating leader lives to battle a bigger problem when it grows. Kill the dangerous problem at sight Delayed action means more resources, more time spent & chances of success reduced. Procrastination blinds & merely adds muscles to the problem. Mythology narrates tale of Surpanakha - daughter of Sage Vishravas,Ravana's sister. Surpanakha takes a fancy & lusts for Rama..."I can be the fittest wife for you. Abandon that puny Sita & frail brother Laxmana..enjoy greater facets of life with me", she proposes. Rama chuckles. In playful banter he asks her to instead merry the handsome bachelor Laxmana. Why be a second wife? She agrees. BUT Laxmana returns the banter by suggesting that she should ideally merry the King & not a second fiddle servant. In the mischievous tossing around of proposals, Suryapankha gets enraged & attacks Sita with her winnowing nails to kill her. Laxmana pulls out his knife & slashes at her hair & cuts-off her ears & nose. Realising the futility, she escapes into the wilderness. Laxmana procrastinates. Does not chase to kill her. She runs to her monster cousins - Kara & Dushna ..then to her mighty brother Ravana for revenge. The infamous battle of Ramayana thus got triggered. Had Laxmana just killed her, the fierce battle could have been averted. 

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