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Romantic Resilient or Flirtatious Explorer

Are you 'Romantically Resilient' or are you a 'Flirtatious Explorer' ? Caveat - this piece is purely about Leadership mind-sets. Any carnal resemblances are purely Freudian & are figments of imagination! Your world-view is your mind-set. All subsequent behaviours & relationships troll in harmony with that. You can alter behaviours when situations change OR seek interest in totally new avenues when pursuit of old goals no longer is meaningful Basic intelligence indicates to the leader when his strategy fails. However, the way his mind is set will prompt him to choose the way forward. And that is largely influenced by his choice of being 'Romantically Resilient' or 'Flirtatiously Exploratory' In lighter vein a romantic is contra to a flirt. A romantic displays passion & ardent love for the things he chooses. When situations change making the old responses fail, the Romantic alters behaviours & tries new responses to make the old relationship work. A flirt displays no such love. He is an explorer. No rigid loyalties. He continuously explores new destinations, options & choices. He is a friend for benefits. The Leader's mind-set influences the way he evaluates situations & decides strategy for future action. Being a Romantic Resilient or a Flirtatious Explorer as a Leader thus matter to the Enterprise. 

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