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Vulnerabilities of a Leader

Leaders are vulnerable to Manipulations Leaders have their 'favourites' .. a few with whom they build affinity & +ve disposition. However, these favourites over time read the leaders patterns of thinking, line of logic, preferences, likes & dislikes. This is where the leader becomes vulnerable. These favourites then manipulate facts & situations such that his otherwise objective decisions are tacitly influenced by the way the favourites want the outcome to be. Favourites become Power-Houses as they can influence outcomes & decisions from the leader not on the basis of objectivity of facts but by virtue of their subtle ability to reposition situations to match the leaders preferences & world-views. A narrative from Ramayana - Surpankha, Ravana's sister lusted for Rama. Realised that Rama was not willing to leave Sita & make her his second-wife. She knew of Ravan's over-active libido & carnal cravings. The only way to take revenge against Rama & Laxmana was to have Ravana crazily lust for Sita. She narrates & details her sensual beauty to Ravana & slyly manipulates. She says that thinking that he deserved a beauty like Sita, she tried to get her. But in the process, her nose and ears got chopped of by Laxman. The vulnerable Ravana falls for the ploy & ends up battling Rama. 

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