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Prestige versus Reputation

Prestige (Yasha) v/s Reputation (Kirti) ... Reading about the recent Indo-Pak aerial dog-fight between the powerful F-16 & the old Sukhoi reminds me of the classical aerial dog-fight narrated in the Ramayana. 'Jattayu' the old winged-bird despite knowing it is old, weak & may lose battle against the mighty Ravana on his advanced aerial chariot,decides to fight & save Sita. This is despite Sita (realising that Jattayu may die)urging him not to fight Ravana but only be a messanger & communicate to Rama. In the dog-fight that ensued between the two, Jattayu tells Ravana that being powerful, even if he wins 'Yasha' (Prestige), he will lose. And for itself, even if he loses the fight, he will win the battle ('Kirti') of perpetual reputation. In the battle between Yash and Kirti, Leadership generally gets enamoured by outward display ... be it cognitive intelligence, physical strength or skills as it earns instantaneous PRESTIGE. But that is only momentary. After passage of time, such external display is forgotten. Leadership therefore should strive for +ve REPUTATION. This one earns by reflecting in action, ones strong 'VALUES' like self-righteousness, charity & selflessness. Wisdom helps a Leader make the right choice between short-term 'Prestige' & long-term Reputation 

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