• Adil Malia

Doodled to a Query

Received a Query on My Web-site. Have converted into doodle.. Dear Friend, In the situation you explained, I certainly can feel your pain. You decided to throw in the towel without a fight. But that is the problem. You can escape disgusting situations in a hurry but you will feel guilty & repent that decision, at leisure., Bring your hurt & pain to effective 'closure'. Even now you can explain - 6 months is not late. Explain the real facts & purpose and that is yr duty. Face-to-face, email, help-line, mediator, Ombudsman , whatever. Have your critical exit conversation. Also that by doing so, you will insulate the co and warn them of such a traitor hiding in their leadership Many rumours & gossips float in a system, when leadership suddenly exits. Clarify so that these rumours are scotched. Such may later negatively impact your career. Talent markets are porous to rumours.They float like fire on oil. Recall a Kabir doha, if it consoles you... Kahta hunn kahee jaat hun kaha ju maan hamara ... jaaka gala tum kaati ho, so fir katee tumhara.... (let me tell you this if you care to listen, the ones whose throat you slit will soon someday slit yours) Back-stabbers meet the same end, soon. But you insist on your closure, not so much for others as for yourself. 

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