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Role Reversal

Reversals in life warrant reversals in roles... Effective Leaders surround themselves with positive people who rekindle hope and infuse the leadership with confidence thru their support. The last thing a leader needs is an organisation within that collapses like a pack of cards when he is fighting an eco-system outside that has become adverse. Some people in life (read team members in Corporates) are investors of hope. Rightly in their presence, challenges appear like positive opportunities. Leadership has to surround itself with authentic & positive people. However, leaders should also identify and weed out from within the system those who have the ability to add confusion to the misery & trigger convulsions within the system at the slightest hint of adversity. Investing the organisation as a leader with a deep pipeline of leaders who have the trust and potential to take charge of the situation when disaster strikes or adversity hits is one of the biggest delivery of effective leadership. 

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